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The Holy Springs



The monastery was founded in the village Skanovo, near Narovchat, in the 17th century. Later on it was reorganized into the Trinity-Skanov nunnery. Its current architectural ensemble was formed in the years 1790-1810. The main object of note is the majestic five-domed Trinity cathedral. The Uspenskaya side-chapel. On the ground floor there is the wonder working Trubchevskaya icon of Mother of Christ painted in 1765 is kept. The nunnery among many others was closed down in the 1920s and was only restored to life again in 1990. Near by there are famous holy springs and the cave monastery built in the 19th century. The cave monastery includes three-tire underground labyrinths 600 meters long and a well-preserved subsurface church with cells. This place has become a center of piligrimage

In 2 - 3 kilometers distance from the convent there are caves where monks-hermits lived in the past. The place is very picturesque and is situated near the mount Plodskaja . The inside microclimate of the caves is unique with its fresh and healing air. These Scanov caves are much longer than Kievo-Pechorskaja Lavra's underground buildings.

In the village of Nizhneye Abliasovo not far from Kuznetsk there stands a small white stone temple of Christ Birth erected in 1725 by count Abliasov, A.N. Radishev's great grandfather. The church has never been closed down and so the 18* century icons and a wonderful twofold carved and gilt iconostasis in Baroque style remained intact.

In 30-ties years of XX centure the monastery was closed and only in 1997 its life was resumed. This cloister is very famous and popular with the people thanks to its main Chudotvornaja (miracle-working) icon of Tihvinskaja's Virgin - The Helper of all religion people, The Intercessor in troubles and diseases. Many people recovered from different illnessies testify its miracle. Besides there is a unique museum, which contains religious books, clothes, utensils, etc
The Holy Springs
The land of Penza has always been famous for its holy springs. The most famous are the Saloleyskiye Holy Springs. In the forest not far from Nizhny Lomov where according to the legend after 40 nuns had been murdered during the Rosin's uprising 40 healing springs fought their way outthrough the hill-side.
The village Solovtsovka is located 40 kilometers away from Penza . Here near the Sergey Radonezhsky church (the 19* century) lie the ashes of an elder priest saint loan Olenevsky. Not far from it, right on the place where the icon of the great martyr saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa was found, there is a wonder-working spring. The chapel and the bath have been built over the healing spring.

On a hill 12 kilometers away from Penza near the village of Bolshaya Valyayevka there is a large cult ensemble (built at the beginning of the 19* century) consisting of two churches and a belfry. Below the slope there spouts a spring with an increased content of silver over which a chapel was erected as far as the 19* century.

The famous Seven Springs remarkable for their healing properties are located in a picturesque site not far from the town of Shemysheyka , 40 kilometers away from Penza .


The Holy Places

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